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Ordering The Correct Size

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The article is less about finding out your fit in a particular brand, but is more about how to check out with the size you want. We occasionally receive an email or phone call from a panicked customer that accidentally ordered the wrong size. Every single time it ends up being the default size. Check this out:

6.5 M is the default size. If you know what size you want, click on the size drop-down menu.

Highlighting (as shown) isn't enough. You must click on it.

If you click the size and then click "Add To Cart,", you'll see this popup. The is the first place you can confirm you selected you size you want. If you were successful, click "Checkout." Otherwise, hit the "X" near the size to remove the unwanted item and then try again.

This is the checkout page and the second place where you can confirm you selected the correct size.

Then you'd receive a confirmation email from us with all your order details including shipping information. The above example features a customer that did not successfully order the correct size. They accidentally ordered the default size and contacted us to correct their error.

When you're purchasing from us, please follow these step to ensure that you are ordering the correct size for yourself. If you didn't, you can contact us by phone or email. Happy shopping!

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