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Understanding Shipping Time

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Most Workwear Unlimited customers are hard-working people that need footwear and apparel to immediately replace their current shoes, boots, and jackets. We know that you're calculating the amount of time your current pair will last and when your new pair will arrive. We want to help you with your purchasing decisions and estimating when an item might arrive.

The first thing you should look for is the processing time. This is the average amount of time it takes before an item ships from one of our warehouses. Every item has the processing time bolded two lines below the price. Sometimes it is overlooked as people look at the price and then for the size they need. Look for "Usually ships out within # business days."

Processing time starts the business day you ordered it. If you ordered it at 10am Wednesday, it will start Wednesday. If you ordered it at 8:47pm Wednesday after we closed, the processing time will start Thursday.

The second section is the shipping time that you'll see on the checkout page and our shipping link found at the very bottom of every page. The latter is useful so we can see what deals we might offer like free shipping depending on how much your order is.

So how do you know the estimated arrival time for your item(s)? Take your processing time plus your shipping time to get the estimated time of arrival (P & S = ETA). Most often than not, this will calculated in business days.

Finally, be sure to check all your information (address, spelling, apartment number, size, email address) before checking out. Sometimes these errors can delay the shipment or even get it returned to the sender. Once you check out, you'll receive a confirmation email. Double check your information again. If you see something amiss, email us at We can generally fix an error with 12-48 hours of you ordering it.

Happy shopping!

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